Baltimore Changwon Sister City Committee

Baltimore-Changwon Sister City Committee (BCSCC)

Baltimore Changwon Sister City Committee (BCSCC) is one of the newest Sister City Committees to launch in Baltimore, creating a new partnership between the port cities of Changwon, Korea, and Baltimore, Maryland. In just the past few months, after finalizing two proclamations exchanged between the Mayors of Baltimore and Changwon, BCSCC has started its journey as a new cultural presence in Baltimore. We are committed to establishing cultural, educational, and professional exchanges between the two cities of Baltimore and Changwon. As a new Sister City Committee, we seek to increase awareness and cross-cultural understanding between our Korean committee members and the residents of Baltimore, providing unique Korean cultural contributions and using exchanges to reach out to local citizens. Additionally, we hope to introduce Baltimore to Changwon City, and highlight the diverse cultural strengths that are part of Baltimore’s heritage.

Get involved! You will be getting:

Educational exchanges
Business, trade & investment
Cultural exchanges
Meet great people, have fun & learn!


Michelle Lee, co-Chair and Treasurer
Go Eun Kang, vice Chair
Kelly Nellenback, Secretary

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